About Len

As a childless man, prime time dad Len Filppu was cozily attached to his freedoms.  He enjoyed his lack of familial responsibilities, and relished his ability to spontaneously pick up and go to Starbucks or Aruba just about any time he wanted, or to chill in his man cave listening to the entire Beatles Anthology on a rainy day.

He’d always wanted a family and figured it would all fall into place someday, but as the years went by and relationships did not mix up the right magic, he’d settled into a mellow mindset in which kids were great but it seemed the universe had ordained them to populate other people’s lives.

But lightning struck.  That fickle universe dialed his number.  He and wife Lucy had a choice, and they chose to make a family.  They now have two children, a boy aged 11 and a girl aged eight, and they make their home in Northern California.

Even at the late-blooming age of 49, becoming a father was the best choice Len ever made.

Len Filppu is a professional writer and consultant whose background includes non-fiction book and magazine writing, feature and documentary film screenwriting, national politics, high technology business, advertising and marketing communications.