The Book

PRIME TIME DADS: 45 Reasons to Embrace Midlife Fatherhood is a series of unabashedly optimistic, humorous, stereotype-smashing, personal point-of-view essays from the heart.  The material is based upon Len Filppu’s real life experiences, offbeat observations, and Visine-eyed views from the foxhole of midlife fatherhood.The book is intended to give men who are in their prime years – between the ages of 40 and 60 or so, a laugh or two, something to think about, and a positive, encouraging look at how their life experiences provide them with abundant skills they can employ to excel in their role as dad.  It explores the many advantages mature guys have over younger men on this crazy, exciting journey of fatherhood.Ladies, Listen Up!

Do you know a husband, boyfriend, son, grandson, nephew, colleague, pal, bodyguard or boy toy you think might make a great dad?  Give PRIME TIME DADS to the men in your lives who may need an encouraging, sly and wry shoehorn to facilitate their reluctant steps into the big boots of fatherhood.

Stuff PRIME TIME DADS into his golf or bowling bag, place it by his toilet throne, slip it to him as you engage in a favorite sex act, hide it in the sports pages or wrap it up in fried bacon, but get him to look at it.


What Others are Saying About

PRIME TIME DADS: 45 Reasons to Embrace Midlife Fatherhood

Larry King, CNN broadcast legend:  “The best thing that ever happened to me in life is being able to be a later in life dad.  I’m 77 years old, I have three grown children, and the lights of my life are my 11 and 10 year old boys.  Later life fatherhood keeps me young, keeps me vital, and makes me feel relevant each and every day.  I urge you to read PRIME TIME DADS.  Its point of view is young and vital and relevant each and every page.”

Adriana Trigiana, Best-Selling Author: “Len Filppu has written a hilarious, heartfelt, and fresh take on midlife fatherhood in PRIME TIME DADS. This is a superb how-to manual for parents everywhere. It’s also the perfect gift for the man in your life. Brimming with common sense and filled with helpful hints, it’s a celebration of fatherhood written by a dad who clearly loves every moment of it. A home run!”

David Carnoy, CNET executive editor and co-author of Fathers of a Certain Age: the Joys and Problems of Middle-Aged Fatherhood: PRIME TIME DADS takes a fun, optimistic look at what it’s like to be an ‘older’ father.  While this book is geared toward men aged around 40 or so, women who are involved with so-called ‘reluctant dads’ would be wise to leave it out in a conspicuous place where it might be easily discovered.”

David Zeiger, filmmaker, Displaced Films: “Len Filppu has grabbed onto a profound truth and treated it with the humor it deserves. My own ‘bonus round’ with my two daughters, starting in my mid-40s, has been filled with such boundless joy that I could not possibly imagine my life without them. Len has captured the fun and heartache, the craziness and gratitude of these wonderful years. And best of all, it comes from his own head, heart, and spitup-stained shirts. PRIME TIME DADS is a joy to read.”

Frank LaLoggia, film director, Lady in White, composer/screenwriter: “Len Filppu once again proves that he is the Jean Shepherd of our times: funny, insightful and human!”

Kristi Walsh, Ph.D., psychoanalyst, marriage and family therapist: “As a mental health professional of 30 years, I strongly support the notion of mid-life parenting. An individual’s ability to self-reflect with honesty, to move past one’s ego and genuinely love another, and the generativity that compels one to invest in the next generation – these are the developmental achievements of mid-life and the parental qualities children need. I am infinitely grateful for my husband, a prime time dad, who brought the emotional maturity and groundedness, patience, and humor that helped bond us as a family when we adopted our son at age 3. My husband just turned 60 and we are pursuing another adoption!”

Tom Parker, New York Times bestselling author:  “As an older dad myself, I found PRIME TIME DADS entertaining, instructive, heart-warming, funny and true.  I liked the style, tone and sentiment.  The writing, too.  The writing, especially.”

Victor Thomas, web designer and author, Thomas Digital Design, San Francisco, California: “PRIME TIME DADS is right on.  Speaking with my 18 year older half brother about my dad is like talking about two different human beings.  He talks of a selfish and aloof man who never took much of an interest in his life and never put in the time to really get to know him.  On the other hand, the dad I know, who was 50 when I was born, was my best friend.  I knew without question that I was the most important thing in his life, and his love has stayed with me for a lifetime.  Seems I got the best of the same man because he’d matured into a “prime time dad.”